Tired of feature factories and top-down management?

Kitemaker is the only product development tool built to manage the work and not the workers.

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How it works



Other tools primarily track tasks or issues. In Kitemaker, you will track work items representing features, fixes, and experiments you plan to ship to your users.


There will no longer be a separation between one-pagers/PRDs/specs and where you track work, since you write these directly in the work item.

Break down

Don't spread tasks across tools. Break work items down into tasks in Kitemaker and have product, design, and engineers work in the same tool.


While your team works in various tools, discussions and activities will be connected in Kitemaker, providing a single place for all product discussions and updates.

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Improve your process

A work item in Kitemaker combines your specs/PRDs/one-pagers with the related tasks, discussions, and activities. All in one virtual space.
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We were using Google docs for our design, but that’s divorced from the engineering side. Within Kitemaker we’re having rich conversations around the work itself which is a big differentiator.
Jay Nath
Co-CEO at City Innovate
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Plan, prioritize, and execute together

Create roadmaps and plans directly connected to your delivery process, resulting in a deeper product understanding within the team.
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We’re using Kitemaker as a planning tool for what we’re going to do, in what order, in order to make quick progress given the constraints we have.
Tord Svensson
CTO at Doublefin
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Collaboration across roles and tools

Never miss a relevant discussion again. Kitemaker connects with your other tools and makes it easy to stay on top of conversations and activities, regardless of where they happen.
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Having comments and activities from GitHub, Slack, and Figma visible in work items is a game changer. It makes it much easier to get everyone on the same page.
Jan Kalthöfer
CTO at Type Studio
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Powerful integrations

Kitemaker integrations are not like other integrations. When you have an integration set up, you can easily link discussions and activities to ongoing work, making it super simple to see everything happening across all your tools.
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Automatically updates Figma thumbnails in work items & adds mentions of work items from Figma comments.
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Automate based on commits & PRs in GitHub & link mentions of work items back to Kitemaker.
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Automatically move work items based on work item numbers mentioned in GitLab commit messages.
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Link all mentions of work items back to Kitemaker & create work items without leaving Discord.
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Get information about mentioned work items in Slack & link Slack conversations to Kitemaker work items.

Features product teams love

Responds instantly (<100ms)
Hotkeys for everything
Real-time collaborative editor
Theme-based roadmaps
Filters and search
Labels and dependencies
Light and dark mode

Get up and running in minutes

You can get started with Kitemaker by importing all your issues, cards, discussions, labels, assignees, archives and history from your existing tools

Import your entire board with comments, files, checklists, and history to get you started in minutes.
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Import your entire Github Issues history into your Kitemaker space, and don’t lose anything.
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Want to import from another tool or have specific requirements? We’ll help you with that for free. Contact us!