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Our mission is to help software teams reduce time spent coordinating across tools and roles, allowing them to focus on building what their users want

Kitemaker was created to address the frustrations with our previous software product development toolset. We found that our teams performed better when they worked closely together, with everyone involved in both planning and building the product.

We believe that tools should prioritize sharing context over task completion and should connect people rather than being tailored to specific roles. They should also help the team understand users and focus on delivering value, rather than simply checking off tasks.

Our goal is to build a tool that is intuitive and adaptable, without rigid frameworks. This meant going beyond a traditional task or issue tracker. We aim to design Kitemaker to guide teams in building the best possible product.

Our team

Profile picture of Sigurd Seteklev
Sigurd Seteklev
CEO & Co-founder
Profile picture of Kevin Simons
Kevin Simons
CTO & Co-founder
Profile picture of Johnny Val
Johnny Val
Profile picture of Håvard Kindem
Håvard Kindem
Profile picture of Pavel Maček
Pavel Maček

Our investors

EQT Ventures
Y Combinator


Want to know more about Kitemaker? Get in touch with us at press@kitemaker.co. We’d love to hear from you.

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