Kitemaker vs Jira

Do less issue tracking and focus on building features for your users. Kitemaker allows product teams to deliver better products faster — all in one place.
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Gather user feedback, draft specs, and tackle tasks all in the same tool.
No microsplitting. It's easy to check the status of features.
View user feedback alongside the work.
Easy configuration. No advanced degree required
Monitor your tasks and distinguish between planned and unplanned work.
Compare Kitemaker vs Jira

Use a tool that is as fast and lean as the products you are building

Fast user interface
User feedback connected directly to work
Keyboard shortcuts for everything
Link PRs, branches and commits directly to work
Fast setup and configuration
Turing complete

I absolutely love that you guys are integrating user feedback natively into issues and tasks. I've tried integrations that do a similar thing but they always feel like such a bolt-on.

Dave Jeffery

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