Feb 10, 2020 - Issue 1

Hey! This is a short update on things we have released recently. We’re really excited to have launched tons of stuff, and we’re also working on tons of more!

Head over to www.kitemaker.co to check out all the new stuff!

Redesigned hotkeys

We have now redesigned the hotkeys to make them easier to learn and remember and require less finger gymnastics.

Here are some of the new ones:

Shift+Arrow Keys to move issues on the board

Shift+Arrow Keys to move issues on the board

Operations on statuses (columns) are now using the alt (option on Macs) key. For example:

Alt+C (Option+C on Macs) to create a new status

Alt+C (Option+C on Macs) to create a new status

Alt+Left/Right Arrow keys (Option+Arrow Keys on Macs) to move a status

Alt+Left/Right Arrow keys (Option+Arrow Keys on Macs) to move a status

You can press ‘?’ at any time to view the full list of hotkeys.

Redesigned Issue Screen

A new and improved issue screen

A new and improved issue screen

We wanted to make the issue screen easier to use and give you a better overview, so now the activities and comments are visible on the right side. Also arrow keys now navigate the activities and comments, while ‘t’ and ‘d’ are still the keys to edit title and description.

We also changed the issue screen so ‘e’ now moves the issue to the next status, and moves to the next issue in the list. While alt+arrows (option+arrows on Macs) will change the status of an issue, but keeps you on the current issue.

... and a lot more

We don’t remember everything we did (because it was a lot), but here is a list of some of the other changes:

  • Emojis (we ❤️ emojis)
  • New onboarding for new users
  • Take-over hotkey: by pressing shift+s, you now remove all assignees and add yourself (s is still assigning yourself)
  • More actions create activities in the activity list
  • “My” keyword in search that will only search issues assigned to you
  • Other improvements to search (still not quite ‘there’)
  • There are now hotkeys for editing and deleting comments
  • There is now a nice ‘/‘ menu to help you format your text when writing descriptions
  • Mac users on web can now download desktop client from Kitemaker Command
  • 20+ bug fixes and improvements

Next steps

Our next step is to introduce more structure. We’re thinking in terms of something like ‘Epic’ in Jira and Clubhouse, or ‘Themes’ if you are used to ‘old’ Kitemaker or ProdPad. If you want to help us, feel free to drop us a line on your experiences or ideas on ‘Epics’ and ‘Themes’ to hi@kitemaker.co

Also, if you have any favorite tools you would like us to integrate with, tell us about it at hi@kitemaker.co


Feedback, bug reports and suggestions for improvements is always welcome, we read and respond to all of them. Ping us at hi@kitemaker.co and we’ll look into it ASAP.