March 2, 2021

Changelog 13

GitHub integration improvements

We added some new features to make the experience of working with Kitemaker and GitHub as seamless as possible.

First, we've added a button to the work item screen where you can copy a branch name for the work item (can can also use the hotkey cmd/ctrl+shift+g).

Any commits pushed to that special branch name will automatically appear in the activity feed for the work item, even if the commit message doesn't mention the work item by ID. It works with PRs created from these special branches too!

Speaking of PRs, we now show you PRs for work items both in the board and in the work item screen.

Just mention a work item in the PR's title or description (or even in any commits in the PR) and we'll automatically associate the PR with the work item.

Finally, one piece of feedback we've heard often was that it was super useful to see the relevant commits in the activity feed, but it was less useful without knowing which branch they're happening in. Now you get a link to the relevant branch in the activity.

Guest users and private spaces

Many teams have members from outside their company, for example contractors. In many cases, giving these guests access to your entire Kitemaker organization might not make sense. To address this, we're introducing guest users to Kitemaker.

In any space to which you want to invite a guest, use the Kitemaker command and search for "Manage access" or click "Manage access" under the cogwheel icon for your space.

Just type your guest's email address and select "Invite as guest" to invite them. Your guest user will now be able to collaborate with your team on this one space, without seeing any of the other spaces in your Kitemaker organization.

Additionally, teams occasionally need to restrict access to a space within their organization. In the same "Manage access" settings, you can now remove access from all of the members of your organization, and instead individually add the users you want to have access.

This gives you a private space that will only be visible to the members you've specified.

Contacting us

We're always happy to hear any feedback you have. To reach us you can:

  • Send us an e-mail on
  • Contact us through the built-in chat by clicking the icon in the bottom right corner, or
  • Join ourĀ community Slack organization


We've also rolled out a whole bunch of smaller improvements since the last changelog:

  • You can now copy the titles of all the work items in a status column in one go by searching for "Copy all work items" in the Kitemaker command (or via the ... menu for that column). Handy for building changelogs like this one!
  • The settings icons for spaces and organizations are visible all of the time (not just on hover)
  • The "create work item" button will always place work items in the default status for your backlog (e.g. Inbox) if your space has a split-out backlog
  • The "create work item" button automatically applies any labels, themes and members from active filters
  • Clicking notifications no longer causes a full screen reload
  • Made it possible to insert Figma links to entire files in addition to frames
  • Fixed the sorting of work items on the "my work" screen so they correct reflect the priorities from their respective spaces
  • Added a "Created by" option to the work item filters
  • Added a "Manage team" to the sidebar to make it more obvious how to invite team members
  • Fixed an issue where mouse hovering wasn't correctly highlighting elements for some Linux users
  • Improved the dragging behavior of the activities feed. You may now drag it to your preferred width, and it will automatically shrink as the window itself is made smaller
  • Fixed some bugs where deactivated user accounts where showing up where they shouldn't and improved the sorting of users in a bunch of places (ensuring active users are on top, etc.)
  • Improved the click area of the hover menu that appears when you hover over activities/comments
  • Improve truncation of really long theme names in various places