May 4, 2021

GitLab, recently viewed items and more

GitLab integration

We're happy to announce that one of the features we get the most requests for has launched -Kitemaker now has a GitLab integration! This integration gives teams using GitLab the ability to connect activities happening in GitLab to work items in Kitemaker. Just install the integration by searching for "Integrations" in the Kitemaker command or by clicking the ⚙️ icon for your organization and selecting "Manage integrations". Once the integration has been installed, you can select which GitLab projects Kitemaker should watch for commits and merge requests.

Then, simply by mentioning your work items by ID (e.g. ABC-123) in your commit messages or merge request titles/descriptions, Kitemaker will automatically tie the activities in GitLab to your work items.

The GitLab integration also supports automation, so if you write "Fixes ABC-123" or "Closes ABC-123" in your commit messages or merge request descriptions, Kitemaker will automatically move work items across the board based on your automation settings.

Recently visited items

Sometimes you want to quickly jump back to a work item or theme that you've recently been working on. Instead of searching or navigating to the work item via the board, you can now jump to your recently visited work items and themes instantly by pressing g then l.

You can jump to recently visited items using the number keys

You can jump to recently visited items using the number keys

This will bring up the list of the last items you visited, allowing you to jump to them right away with a single keypress.

Sharing work items with metadata

We've had the ability to share work items in Kitemaker for a while now, but it only just showed the work item's title and description. Now when sharing you can optionally choose to share all of a work items metadata.

By switching on "Share metadata", viewers will be able to see labels, members, themes, impact, effort and more for the shared item.

Contacting us

We're always happy to hear any feedback you have. To reach us you can:

  • Send us an e-mail on
  • Contact us through the built-in chat by clicking the icon in the bottom right corner, or
  • Join our community Slack organization


We've also made a bunch of little improvements that we hope make the experience of using Kitemaker even better:

  • A number of new properties are now exposed by the GraphQL API, including which users have access to which spaces. Handy for auditing your access control!
  • Added an "updated since" filter so you can find work items that have been recently updated (use hotkey f then u to activate this filter)
  • Fixed a bug where file and image attachments wouldn't work if they contained certain characters like "@"
  • Fixed a bug where installing integrations from the desktop apps would sometimes fail
  • Fixed a bug where moving work items to your "Done" column using the a hotkey could result in the ordering getting messed up or even the item ending up in the wrong column
  • Fixed a bug where entering an invalid coupon in the billing flow could result in a user getting stuck and needing to restart the flow
  • Fixed a bug where searching from the discord integration would fail if a large number of search results were returned
  • Fixed a bug where users who already have a Kitemaker account and then are invited to an additional organization would never receive the invite