July 19, 2021

Redesigned boards, faster loading times

Redesigned boards

We've given the work item board and roadmap a new design. The new design helps clearly distinguish the separate columns, particularly early on when you haven't loaded up the board with content yet.


The new designs provide a fresh look in both light and dark mode, with and without the background image.


Faster loading times

For our customers with the most work items, loading times were starting to become a real problem. We've now redesigned how Kitemaker loads data from the ground up so that Kitemaker fetches the minimal amount of data it needs before becoming usable.

Contacting us

We're always happy to hear any feedback you have. To reach us, you can:

  • Send us an e-mail on hi@kitemaker.co
  • Contact us through the built-in chat by clicking the icon in the bottom right corner, or
  • Join our community Slack organization


Here are some other improvements that we've released recently:

  • Now if multiple commits are pushed to a GitHub/GitLab branch for a work item at the same time, we collapse these commits into a single activity
  • Fixed a bug where you couldn't set up integrations or import data if you weren't in a space
  • Fixed a bug with webhooks where updating work items would result in a workItem.created event instead of a workItem.updated event
  • Improved the hover state for the action buttons on activities
  • Improved the logic for how updates get marked as read when opening comment threads
  • Added an option to the ⚙️ menu for spaces for setting the space key
  • Fixed checkbox visibility in dark mode for Firefox
  • When coming back from the work item screen to the board, ensure the focused card ends up more centered on the screen
  • Fix a regression where archived work items were interspersed with active work items when mentioning a work item in the editor