August 4, 2021

New desktop apps, space reordering

New desktop apps

We've released a new set of desktop apps for Windows and Linux, as well as a macOS app supporting Apple silicon. Big thanks to the teams that have helped us out by beta testing these new releases! You can head over to to grab the apps or just search for "download" in the Kitemaker Command (ctrl/cmd+k). Big thanks to the team at toDesktop for all of their help with our new apps 🙌

In addition to support for new platforms, these apps also bring with them some small improvements like a proper right-click context menu. More to come!

Space reordering

You can now drag and drop the spaces in the sidebar to reorder them, so you can make sure your most used spaces are always just a hotkey away.

Contacting us

We're always happy to hear any feedback you have. To reach us, you can:

  • Send us an e-mail on
  • Contact us through the built-in chat by clicking the icon in the bottom right corner, or
  • Join our community Slack organization


Here are some other improvements that we've released recently:

  • Fixed a bug where the styling on board columns wasn't correctly updated when the window was resized
  • Fixed the margins on headline elements in the editor
  • Fixed some emojis that weren't rendering properly in the editor (e.g. :four:)