November 10, 2021

Improved comments and simpler link editing

Improved comments

We've overhauled our comment experience, making working with attachments like images, videos, and Figma designs much easier. Additionally, we now remember comments you've started typing, even if you leave the discussion or work item entirely, so you can always go back and finish where you left off.

Simpler link editing

It's now much easier to add links to descriptions and comments! Just select the text you want to add a link to and press the link button (or press cmd/ctrl+k).

Also, if you want to change the URL of an existing link, just hover over it and you can edit it.

Contacting us

We're always happy to hear any feedback you have. To reach us, you can:


Of course, comments and links aren't the only things we've been working on. Here are some of the other things we've shipped recently:

  • Fixed a bug where the modals for images and Figma didn't work when sharing work items publicly
  • Fixed a bug where the selected work item was not always properly visible when coming back to the board
  • Made it possible to search for work items for which a particular user is a member
  • Added a filter to the board to see work items you're watching
  • Improved the GraphQL API - it's now possible to fetch work items and themes by their number
  • Added a hotkey (cmd/ctrl+shift) for toggling todos with the keyboard
  • Shrunk the button to add a new status, so users get to use even more screen width when in wide column mode
  • Made the entire activity clickable when one work item mentions another, so it's easier to jump to the mentioning work item
  • Improved our detection of Figma comments