December 3, 2021

Description history

Description history

Ever accidentally deleted the description of a work item or theme? Or maybe just wished you could go back and find some content you'd previously written? Kitemaker's new description history feature allows you to go back in time and see all of the previous versions of your themes and work items.

Just open the history by clicking the history icon in the bottom left corner (looks like a 🕓) or pressing alt/option+h. Then you can move through the history and restore any previous version you want. And don't worry, all of the versions will still be available in the history after you restore.

Contacting us

We're always happy to hear any feedback you have. To reach us, you can:


As always, we've also got a bunch of smaller improvements and fixes:

  • Improved the behavior of the menus for selecting impact and effort
  • Improved the algorithm for sorting work items by impact and effort
  • No longer require a space after wrapping text in markdown shortcuts like ```, \*\*and~
  • Added the ability to filter the My Work screen by status column
  • Fixed a bug where pressing F and then backspace very quickly didn't actually clear the filters on the board
  • Improved copying/pasting of todo lists in Safari
  • Remove the trailing space after @mentioning other users if you follow the mention with a punctuation mark
  • Fixed a bug where comment text couldn't be selected
  • Fixed a bug where ... menus would sometimes be stubborn to close
  • Fixed copy/pasting of work items on the board in Safari
  • Improved the transition animations on the onboarding flow
  • Further improvements to how Kitemaker detects Figma comments
  • Fixed a bug where the titles of work items sometimes got trailing spaces
  • Improved drag/drop of files in comments
  • Fixed an issue with scrollbars appearing in comments unnecessarily in Windows and Linux
  • Added a mutation to the GraphQL API to allow external links to be added to code review requests. Handy for linking to dev deployments right from Kitemaker