February 9, 2022

Dependency graph and simplified sidebar

Dependency graph

Marking work items as depending on or blocking one another is a great way to understand how different pieces of work relate to one another. However, chasing the chain of dependencies through a number of work items can sometimes be a bit tricky. Well, not anymore 😁 Using the new dependency graph view, you can now visualize the dependencies across your entire organization.


The dependency graph can be found by searching for “dependency graph” in the Kitemaker Command (press ctrl/cmd+k) or by pressing the ⚙️ icon next to your organization.

Simply select a work item in order to highlight the connections to the other work items it depends upon, enables, blocks and is blocked by. And of course you can navigate the graph entirely with your keyboard and use all of your favorite hotkeys.

Simplified sidebar

In order to make the structure of Kitemaker a bit easier to understand, and to handle the fact that we have some new structural elements coming soon, we’ve simplified the sidebar. Now every space is just a flat list where you can easily find the different views Kitemaker offers.


Additionally, we’ve unified the archive so you can find both archived work items and archived themes in the same place.

In our blog

A bit belated, but check out our post about some of the best product development articles of 2021 over on the Kitemaker blog.

Did we miss any great articles? Let us know!

Contacting us

We're always happy to hear any feedback you have. To reach us, you can:


Here are a few of the smaller fixes and improvements that have been released recently:

  • Work items are now created at the bottom of lists by default, such as when clicking the “Create work item” button or using the Slack integration. Hope that helps make prioritization easier!
  • Fixed an issue where sometimes when a work item was moved between spaces it would accidentally retain themes from the old space.
  • After following a notification to a comment, pressing escape will now take you back to the correct place in the update view.
  • We now show something useful in the updates view when a comment only contains an image, video, file or giphy.
  • The code language picker now has a filter and also works better in comments.