March 23, 2022

Snippets and performance improvements


We’re introducing Kitemaker’s approach to templates - it’s called Snippets. By using snippets, you can set your team up with a consistent set of templates that’ll help keep you organized and save you time on typing.

Snippets are super flexible and allow you to use any of the standard content blocks (headings, lists, images, etc.) that you use in descriptions and comments today.

Snippets provide a way to create new work items or themes with a pre-filled template (using the hotkey cmd/ctrl+; from the board or roadmap). Additionally, snippets can be used in work item or theme descriptions, in comments, or even in other snippets by typing /snippet or pressing cmd/ctrl+;. You can read about the full functionality in our guide article.

Performance improvements

Performance is super important to us, and we want Kitemaker to remain snappy regardless of how much data your team puts into it. To that end, we’ve done a bunch of performance improvements to make it much faster when navigating from a work item back to the board and also when loading a long list of updates.

Check out this before and after comparison of pressing escape on the work item screen to go back to a board that contains 1000 work items 🔥

Contacting us

We're always happy to hear any feedback you have. To reach us, you can:


Here are a few of the smaller fixes and improvements that we released recently:

  • You can now click the icon to open the file chooser after you create a /image, /video, or /file block.
  • Significantly improved copy/paste behavior, particularly on Safari.
  • Fixed bugs related to mouse selection in the description/comment editor.
  • Fixed a bug where sometimes images/videos would show a Not Found error due to network hiccups.
  • Made it easier for new team members to correctly join existing organizations instead of accidentally creating new ones.
  • Fixed a bug where sometimes comments wouldn’t correctly generate notifications.
  • Fixed a bug where mentioning a user in two different paragraphs of a comment could trigger duplicate notifications.
  • We now show the status of work items when you mention them in descriptions and comments.
  • If a work item’s title is too long to show when adding dependencies, you can now see the whole thing with a mouse hover.
  • The theme screen now scrolls newly added work items into view.
  • If you type a ) after mentioning a user, Kitemaker will correctly remove the trailing space.
  • Fixed a bug where archived themes got put in a strange order in the archive screen.
  • Fixed a bug where branch names with a / in them messed up our “magic branch” detection for GitLab.
  • Added a hint to the “Create work item” shortcut in Slack to let users know that the Kitemaker bot needs to be in the current channel in order for it to automatically attach videos and files from messages.