April 4, 2022

Theme metadata, improved search, automatically opening links in the desktop app

Theme metadata

It’s now possible to add metadata such as members, labels, impact and effort to themes. They work with all of the usual hotkeys (e.g. # for adding a label) that you’re already used to from work items.


Additionally, we’ve added some other theme improvements like the ability to mention themes in descriptions and comments using the ABC-123 syntax (more on mentioning here) as well as the ability to search for themes (more on that below).

Search improvements

We’ve improved the search experience in Kitemaker in a few key ways:

  • As we mentioned before, matching themes will now be returned along with work items in the search results.
  • We now have suggestions/autocomplete when you’re typing in the search field, so you can quickly and easily filter search results.


Automatically opening links in the desktop app

For users of Kitemaker’s desktop app, if you open a link to Kitemaker in your browser (e.g. when following a link from a notification email) you’ll now be prompted about whether or not you’d rather open that link in the desktop app. You can also ask Kitemaker to remember your preference so you can open every link in the app.


Contacting us

We're always happy to hear any feedback you have. To reach us, you can:


Here are a few of the other fixes and improvements that we released recently:

  • Major improvements to how the back button works when using Kitemaker in the browser.
  • We now update the “breadcrumbs” at the top of the screen based on the path you take in visiting a work item, theme, etc.
  • The hover that appears when you put your mouse over a link no longer steals the focus from the description/comment you’re editing.
  • Fixed a bug where a work item’s description couldn’t be edited via the d hotkey after it was unarchived.