May 25, 2020

Changelog 3

Note: Even though we are in closed beta now, we are willing to open up Kitemaker to anyone affected by COVID-19 and in need of a better tool to handle issues. If you know anyone, please feel free to ping us. If the team is in your organization, feel free to invite them in to your organization and let set up their own space.

New things in Kitemaker

Edit title of card in place

Now you can press ‘T’ on the board screen and now edit the title in place. You can also type ‘@’ and ‘#’ to select the assignees and labels while writing the title.

Use 'T' to edit titles in place

Use 'T' to edit titles in place

Creating cards above or under current selected card

Pressing ‘C’ on the board will now create an issue above the currently selected issue, while Shift+‘C’ will create an issue below the currently selected issue. This way it should be easier to create issues without breaking prioritization within a status column.

Enter to submit and close, Ctrl(Cmd)+Enter to submit and start next

Most of the time, our users create one issue, or add and remove one assignee or label. That is why we changed Enter to submit, and Ctrl(Cmd)+Enter to submit and start next.

Enter submits and closes, while Ctrl(Cmd)+Enter submits and starts next

Enter submits and closes, while Ctrl(Cmd)+Enter submits and starts next

Inviting users

You can now also invite people when assigning and mentioning users. Enter their e-mail and select ‘Invite.’ You can now also assign and mention users that have been invited nut not yet registered.

Invite new users when assigning and mentioning

Invite new users when assigning and mentioning

Moving and Archiving issues

We have made some changes on how issues are moved. We have tried to untangle the ‘E’ button so that it is easier to remember the hotkeys.

Use , and ., as well as A to move issues fast on the board

Use , and ., as well as A to move issues fast on the board


Feedback, bug reports, and suggestions for improvements are always welcome. We read and respond to all of them. Ping us at, and we’ll look into it ASAP.

Also, if you want a quicker way of giving feedback and ask questions, you can sign-up to our community Slack channel. Ping us at to get access!

Other changes

We don’t remember everything we did (because it was a lot), but here is a list of some of the other changes we have done:

  • Clicking an image or Figma design now shows a large version of the image (clicking Figma header will take you to the Figma file)
  • We did a minor redesign of the issue screen, and added an archive button
  • Pressing Alt(Option)-Backspace now deletes empty status columns
  • Press E to edit your comments
  • Press Cmd+E to manage labels through the label picker
  • You can now access the archive through pressing G and then A.
  • Fixed bugs when pasting Figma links into comments
  • Search results now respond correctly to hotkeys
  • Fixed various elements not being shown properly when rendering comments
  • Updates now have full timestamps
  • Mac desktop app now has correct copyright message 🤦‍♂️
  • Fixed a bug that would cause problem if you invited someone that has already been invited to a different organization, but not yet accepted the first invite
  • Usernames are no longer unique, pick whatever you think is right for you (you can change yours through Kitemaker Command)
  • In search we now accept spaces after is:, -is:, has: and -has.