September 19, 2022

Custom impact and effort, filtering activities, and changing block types

Custom impact and effort

T-shirt sizes aren’t a perfect match for everyone. For some, slim fit is more suitable, and others might prefer longer variants. We’re heard you and made changes so that you now can tailor impact and effort levels to your own needs.

We support up to nine custom effort and impact levels, including hotkeys for all of them. You can name them, choose their abbreviations, and even give them your favorite colors! They are specific to a space, so each team or product can have their own.

Of course it still supports sorting board columns by impact and effort, respecting the sort order defined in settings (high impact and low effort being higher).

To customize impact and effort, go to the space settings (cogwheel on the space list in the left sidebar) or locate “manage impact and effort levels” from the Kitemaker command menu (Ctrl/Cmd + k).

Filtering activities

While activities are great at showing the progress of a work item and gives insight into what’s going on, it can get cluttered on larger work items over time. We’re made an effort to improve that by allowing you to filter out any automation messages, leaving only the user-created comments in the activity feed.

You can toggle this in the activities panel on on the right hand side in the work item screen, or use the f hotkey to show comments only (c) or all activities (a).

Changing block types

We continue to make improvements to the editor to better the usability and performance. This time around, we’ve made it easier to change the type of blocks.

Are there things in the editor you’re missing or should be improved? We’re always very happy to receive your feedback. You can reach out by email or through our community Slack.

Beta features

Here are some of the upcoming features we’re currently iterating on which are not generally available to all users yet.

If you’re interested in trying out one of these features, send us a mail at or ping us on our community Slack!

  • We’re making to-dos much more powerful by allowing the addition of metadata (like members, labels and impact/effort), surfacing to-dos in My Work and allow to-dos to be automatically closed via the GitHub/GitLab integrations.
  • We’re experimenting with allowing data exports from Kitemaker to enable querying the raw data for insights.

Contacting us

We're always happy to hear any feedback you have. To reach us, you can:


The smaller fixes and improvements this time around include:

  • General availability of GitHub Enterprise integration
  • General availability of self-hosted GitLab integration
  • Fixed issue where referencing a deleted work item would not render correctly
  • Allow public sharing of roadmaps
  • Fixed a bug where moving a work item between spaces would return a 404
  • Fixed an issue where subscriptions in Slack/Discord would not function properly
  • Now clearing text selection properly in the title on blur
  • Enabled support for European data residency for an organization
  • Fixed issue where a comment wouldn’t scroll into view on page load
  • Fixed issue where Ctrl/Cmd + Enter would not blur description on all blocks
  • Allow for creation of new work items from the mention dialogue
  • Fixed release plans not being shown on the work item screen
  • Fixed an issue where automation might move a work item to the left
  • Made back/escape more consistent
  • Fixed an issue where work item limits could not be removed from a status
  • Significantly improved the performance of writing to the offline cache
  • Fixed an issue where a work item would not be visible on the board when coming back from the work item screen
  • Fixed issue where the Discord integration could not be uninstalled
  • Now rendering the status of themes in mentions
  • Fixed bug where the work item count in themes would render incorrectly