January 18, 2023

Responsiveness and search improvements


By popular demand, we’ve started improving the responsiveness of Kitemaker, making it work better on smaller screens and some initial mobile usability. This is an on-going initiative, so stay tuned for more updates!


Search improvements

We’ve made it easier for you to locate the work items you’re looking for in Kitemaker. First of all, search has been improved in general making searching using metadata and selectors more accurate.

When at the search screen, we’re now surfacing recent work items, making it less random and easier to find the work items you’re currently working on.

In addition to this, you can now jump straight to work items from the command menu (cmd/ctrl+k). Our next steps is to improve the performance of the search indexing in general, making it more responsive.


Beta features

Here are some of the upcoming features we’re currently iterating on which are not generally available to all users yet.

If you’re interested in trying out one of these features, send us a mail at hi@kitemaker.co or ping us on our community Slack!

  • We’re adding a place in Kitemaker where you can collect feedback from your users and link the insights from them to work items and themes.
  • We’re experimenting with adding a data warehouse syncing function to Kitemaker to enable teams to query their Kitemaker data right from the comfort of their own data warehouse.

Contacting us

We're always happy to hear any feedback you have. To reach us, you can:


The smaller fixes and improvements this time around include:

  • Made toggle switches look nicer in light mode
  • Made emoji reactions on comments and activities look nicer in light mode
  • Fixed a crash that occurred when all impact/effort levels were removed
  • Added verbose Slack and Discord subscriptions so that comments would be posted in addition to activities. See the help text in the integration for more info.
  • Fixed error when Giphy was unable to find gifs
  • Github PR embed now correctly shows the merged state
  • Fixed inconsistent spacing around work item numbers
  • Fixed issue where searching for labels gave inconsistent results
  • Fixed styling on source icons when work items were created from API integrations
  • Users are now shown a clear message if the space/work item/theme they’re on is deleted
  • Fixed issue where the Github integration could not be installed from Electron app
  • Fixed bug where the theme screen would scroll horizontally
  • Fixed rendering of emojis in comments
  • Now clicking anywhere in the status header in the list view expands/collapses the section
  • Added the possibility to delete roadmaps and release plans
  • Improved emoji search, making it easier to find flags etc
  • Fixed bug where archived themes would still appear when picking themes to add to work items
  • Fixed visual issue where the scrollbar would appear in the wrong place
  • Fixed issue where escape wouldn’t work for the command menu on the work item screen
  • When a file is added via a URL, Kitemaker now renders portion of the URL to identify the file
  • Fixed inconsistency of spacing between themes in the dependency graph
  • Fixed a bug where list view items could slightly overlap if background updates occurred
  • Fixed visual inconsistencies between internal and shared roadmaps
  • Fixed bug where the offline cache would not clear after a logout
  • Fixed bug where Kitemaker would appear to be logged in after a session timed out
  • Big clean-up of the CSS structure, resulting in a more efficient stylesheet
  • Made the setting for whether to show the list/board view apply separately to the Current and Backlog boards
  • Added support for Gherkin in code mentions
  • Fixed a bug where activities would not update the last updated of work items and themes
  • Fixed issue where the todo popover would close before being able to interact with it
  • Fixed issue where a connection could time out when importing a large number of GitHub issues
  • Fixed visual issue where the comment actions would appear behind the header for the first comment on a work item
  • Fixed bug where the favicon would incorrectly show unread updates in Safari
  • Fixed a bug in the impact/effort picker where the hotkeys had an off-by-one error
  • Fixed issue where todos would not pick up the correct indentation when converting from bullets, etc.
  • Fixed a bug where closing a PR would trigger automation