February 9, 2023

Magic branches for todos & updates screen

Updates and notification screen

To simplify navigation and going through updates and notifications, we made the updates into a screen in addition to the quick modal. You can press g then u to go to the updates screen, or click "Updates" in the sidebar. The notification bell in the header now only shows new notifications.


Magic branches for todos

We have added magic branches support for our todos. That way, you can get a magic branch that will automatically set a todo to in progress and done based on the state of the branch and pull/merge request.

You can get the name of the Git branch by either using the Kitemaker generated name (press ctrl/cmd+ shift+ g, or find it in the “…” menu for todos), or you can simply include the identifier for the todo in the branch name (the ABC-123a number).


Beta features

Here are some of the upcoming features we’re currently iterating on which are not generally available to all users yet.

If you’re interested in trying out one of these features, send us a mail at hi@kitemaker.co or ping us on our community Slack!

  • We’re adding a place in Kitemaker where you can collect feedback from your users and link the insights from them to work items and themes.
  • We’re experimenting with adding a data warehouse syncing function to Kitemaker to enable teams to query their Kitemaker data right from the comfort of their own data warehouse.
  • A “create work item” button at the bottom of the screen for each column

Contacting us

We're always happy to hear any feedback you have. To reach us, you can:


  • Added activities for title changes in the activity feed
  • Fixed a bug where a user that was invited and signed up using Google account without following the invite link would create a new organization
  • Fixed a bug where the sometimes the color picker closes when you click the input field
  • Made all of the todos styled consistently
  • Fixed a bug that made it impossible to close a comment thread with the mouse pointer
  • Made the dependency graph a screen
  • Fixed a bug which would cause websockets to fail to reconnect
  • Made it possible to disable spellcheck in Kitemaker command
  • Fixed a bug where the history slider would freeze the app
  • Fixed a bug that would cause work items created with snippets always end up in “Inbox”
  • Made scroll smoother for virtualized columns
  • Fixed a bug that could cause notifications to not appear
  • Improved label search
  • Fixed a bug which caused the dependency pickers to have no default values
  • Fixed a search bug when mentioning work items
  • Fixed a typo in "add theme" activity
  • Fixed a bug that caused some blinking in the toast that notifies about new versions of Kitemaker
  • Fixed the hit region for the checkbox in "Open in app" toast
  • Fixed a crash when moving work items between spaces
  • Fixed a flickering in the … menu for todos when copying git branch name
  • Fixed some weirdness with the todo popover