March 14, 2023

Feedback and insights

Feedback and insights

We're really excited about introducing our feedback and insights module. It's a place where you can collect feedback from users or people outside of the product team and link insights to one or more work items and themes. It's a great place to keep the messier parts of user input and tie the important parts to the things you’re building. Simply highlight the relevant text in the feedback and click the insights button (you can also press cmd/ctrl+shift+i) to link it to the relevant work items and themes.

You can also tag feedback and add owners to process them. After you're done processing them, you can click "Mark processed" to move them out of the "Unprocessed" state.

Using filters, you can always find feedback based on tags, title, owners, and the source of the feedback, among other options.

Get all the details in the guide.


We also have email, Zapier and Slack integration, with more integrations coming up. If you are looking for specific integrations, let us know!

Group mentions

We now support group mentions. Use @organization to notify everyone in the organization, @space for everyone in the space, and @members for all members of the work item or theme.


New comment focus behavior

We have slightly changed how keyboard focus behaves in the new comments box. If you submit a comment, the keyboard focus will now stay in order for you to easily make a new comment. Also, if you use the keyboard to navigate into the new comment box, it will gain focus. Pressing the up arrow from the new comment box will also make you navigate the activity feed.


Beta features

Here are some of the upcoming features we’re currently iterating on which are not generally available to all users yet.

If you’re interested in trying out one of these features, send us a mail at or ping us on our community Slack!

  • We’re experimenting with adding a data warehouse syncing function to Kitemaker to enable teams to query their Kitemaker data right from the comfort of their own data warehouse.

Contacting us

We're always happy to hear any feedback you have. To reach us, you can:


  • Title changes now creates activities in the activity feed
  • Fixed a bug where comments wouldn’t scroll properly into view when following a notification
  • Fixed a bug where if an invited user ignored the invitation and simply logged in with Google Account would create a new organization
  • Improved performance of the dependency picker
  • Fixed a bug where the Intercom bubble wouldn’t hide when entering new comments
  • Disabled the ability to check todos in the snippets editor
  • Fixed a bug where the todo popover had scrollbars
  • Added a feature for remove inactive users from all active work items
  • Fixed a bug that would prevent impact/effort symbol from showing
  • Fixed a bug where deleted work items would leave empty lines in the recent list on the search screen
  • Fixed a bug that would prevent left/right arrow keys in Kitemaker Command.
  • Added highlight of mentions where you are a participant
  • Fixed a bug which would cause merged PRs to appear as open
  • Improved the todo git branch names
  • Fixed a bug that prevented commits for branches for todos not showing in activity feed
  • Fix a bug that would cause duplicate activities for marking a todo in progress
  • Fixed a bug where opening an image in the description causes it to scroll to the top