October 5, 2023

Better status column management

Better status column management

You asked for it, and we listened 😁 Now you can once again move columns on the board by dragging and dropping, rather than needing to go to your space’s workflow settings.


You can also make new status columns and edit existing ones by clicking on them, all without leaving the board.


Beta features

Public boards

Do you want to share your boards publicly or with users who don't have access to Kitemaker? We currently have a public board feature in beta. It opens up boards and anyone can view the board through a special link. You can also toggle to share metadata and decide if all work items (including the ones that are not publicly shared) should be visible on the board.

Inline comments

Discussions in the activity feed are great, but sometimes you want to comment on specific text in a work item or theme. We’re making that possible with our new inline comment feature.


If you're interested in trying these out, send us an email at hi@kitemaker.co or ping us on our community Slack!

Contacting us

We're always happy to hear any feedback you have. To reach us, you can:


  • Improved the welcome board that new teams see when signing up for Kitemaker
  • Improved the UI for the screen that shows when Kitemaker is configured to automatically open links in the desktop app
  • Dragging and dropping of lists (bullets, todos, numbered lists) now automatically brings nested children along with it
  • Fixed some unwanted padding on the popover that shows when hovering the todo counts on the board
  • Fixed a bug where authenticating with Figma inside of the desktop application didn’t work properly
  • Fixed a bug where deployments didn’t show up in PRs linked to work items
  • Make it easier to make an empty line at the end of a description simply by pressing down
  • Added tooltips to the buttons in the “Create work item/theme” modal
  • Fixed a bug where you had to press escape twice to close the “Create work item/theme” modal
  • Fixed some spacing around mentions of work items and themes in the editor
  • Fixed a bug where setting the work-in-progress limit for a column would show a validation error before the user had a chance to type anything
  • Made it so that titles are saved on the work item and theme screens, even if enter isn’t pressed (e.g. if the back button is pressed instead)
  • Kitemaker now automatically adjusts custom colors for better contrast/readability
  • Fixed up the Kitemaker Command onboarding for non-macOS users
  • Fixed some grammar errors on the feedback screen
  • Fixed a bug where some emojis (e.g. ❤️) wouldn’t render properly in Chrome
  • Fixed a bug where list view on mobile would continuously scroll to the top
  • Made it possible to click the toast that appears whenever you make a new work item or theme
  • Fixed a bug with adding owners to feedback
  • Fixed a bug with capturing insights in feedback
  • Fixed a bug where todos couldn’t be marked in progress on the My Work screen
  • Fixed a possible crash when duplicating work items
  • Fixed a bug where the “Move all” option in the … menu for a column didn’t respect current filters
  • Fixed a bug with adding a space’s first snippet from a description didn’t work
  • Fixed a bug where the popover showing a work item’s dependencies would inadvertently close
  • Improved the search functionality in the “Add to…” Slack shortcut
  • Improve the search results of /giphy blocks
  • Improve the automatic scrolling of work item descriptions when dragging/dropping blocks
  • Improved the placement of the formatting hover that appears when selecting text in the editor
  • Removed the FirstPromoter affiliate program