March 12th, 2024

All new roadmaps and initiatives

Roadmaps and initiatives

Our big update this time is that we have completely revamped how roadmaps and initiatives (previously themes) work. Notable changes:

  • Initiatives no longer need roadmaps.
  • The work items are now listed in fully featured real boards and lists with all the functionality you get within the spaces.
  • Roadmaps are enabled on the organization level, and all roadmaps will be visible in the “Roadmaps” section in the sidebar.
  • Both initiatives and roadmaps can be shared among spaces, allowing for better cross-team collaboration.
  • Roadmaps are editable boards, so you can change the column titles, add and remove columns, and make the roadmaps fit your needs.

Roadmap screen

There are many new things. Just go explore, or head over to our guide to read more.

Beta features

AI in product development

We are currently working on various AI features for Kitemaker. Some are small and some are larger things. If you have specific things you would like to see in Kitemaker regarding AI, LLM, or machine learning, ping us, and we'll take a peek. And if you are lucky, maybe we are already working on it 😊

✨ Parts of this changelog were written using one of our features in testing ✨

Sentry integration

We currently have a Sentry integration that we are waiting to get approved, but in the meantime we have a way for teams to test it. So if you are a Sentry user and would like it connected closer to Kitemaker ping us.

Contacting us

We're always happy to hear any feedback you have. To reach us, you can:


  • Fixed an issue where newly created work items were not appearing in the recent list.
  • Improved the handling of email addresses during pasting and markdown processing to prevent unexpected behavior.
  • Optimized performance issues with numbered lists to prevent sluggishness.
  • Enhanced automation of todos to support multiple todos per commit.
  • Introduced a shared header for work items and initiatives for better user interface consistency.
  • Fixed a bug where clicking an update wouldn't show the correct comment.
  • Added security enhancements, including Microsoft Account log in.
  • Fixed the tag overflow issue on feedbacks to ensure all tags are displayed correctly.
  • Fixed an issue preventing clicks on the end of lines when a custom emoji or user mention is present.
  • Resolved the problem where the organization avatar was not displayed in the organization picker.
  • Addressed an error causing deleted starred items to remain visible on the sidebar.
  • Corrected the focus issue enabling kitemaker command to properly highlight the modal when opened.
  • Added a "Copy link" option for to-do items.
  • Ensured deactivated user statuses are correctly synchronized with Vanta.
  • Addressed reports of problematic scrolling described by users.
  • Fixed the search screen interface breaking UI elements such as '...' pickers.
  • Enabled Slack/Discord to unfurl links to feedback.