April 25th, 2024

AI titles, drag to create todo and Sentry integration

AI generating titles

Kitemaker will now generate titles automatically from descriptions. To use it, ensure that the AI features are enabled in your organizations general settings*. When you create a new work item or initiative from insights, a Slack comment, or from some other content, Kitemaker will create a suggested title. You can also create a new title on demand by clicking the “AI” button to the right of the title in modal for creating work items and initiatives.

* If you opted in for EU data residency, AI features are turned off by default

Create todos from comment

Using comments to discuss the development and testing phase is a common scenario in Kitemaker. So we've implemented a nifty little feature where you can drag a comment to the description or click the “…” and choose “Generate todo from comment”, and we will use AI to analyze the comment and create to-dos from them. The internal feedback loop has never been smoother.

Sentry integration

Our Sentry integration has finally been released on the Sentry marketplace. If you are using Sentry to catch errors on the frontend, you can now easily create work items from them with the click of a button in Sentry. Additionally, the statuses will be synced, so moving the work item to "done" in Kitemaker will close the issue in Sentry.

Screenshot of Sentry integration

Beta features

AI in product development

We are currently working on various AI features for Kitemaker. Some are small and some are larger things. If you have specific things you would like to see in Kitemaker regarding AI, LLM, or machine learning, ping us, and we'll take a peek. And if you are lucky, maybe we are already working on it 😊

✨ Parts of this changelog were written using one of our features in testing ✨

Contacting us

We're always happy to hear any feedback you have. To reach us, you can:


  • You can now hide finished items within a cycle.
  • Resolved the problem where commits unrelated to a branch appeared in GitHub activities.
  • Added a "move" action to the work item card menu on boards.
  • Improved offline cache for better application performance and load times.
  • You can now use snippets in initiatives and feedback.
  • Added "Find in page" functionality in the Electron app for easier content navigation.
  • Addressed the bug where clicking an update wouldn't always display the correct comment.
  • Standardized the shared header across work items and initiatives for a consistent interface.
  • Improved the automation of todos to support multiple todos per commit.
  • Fixed an issue where todos mentioned in a GitHub commit wouldn’t be correctly marked as in progress.
  • Corrected issues with handling copy/pasting of email addresses in the editor.
  • New Mac OS app icon.
  • Added context in updates for inline comments.
  • Resolved an issue where todo hotkeys were not working in lists.
  • Fixed the issue with the Kitemaker command modal not receiving focus upon opening.
  • Fixed a bug that would prevent deletion of roadmap columns containing archived initiatives.
  • Fix a bug the would break pressing up after entering a non-custom emoji in comments.
  • Fixed a bug related to hotkeys for video and image uploads.
  • Fixed a bug where newly created items through the modal didn't appear in the recent list.
  • Fixed a bug with drag & drop in boards when creating new work items.
  • Ensured select all + delete functionality works correctly within code blocks.
  • Fixed an issue where indentation was stripped when content was pasted into code blocks.
  • Enhanced the search screen filter to apply to all work items when no search string is entered.
  • Added a "clear search" button on the search screen for convenience.
  • Improved search when searching for work items from Slack, Discord and Sentry.
  • Updated compatibility with Figma's new link structure.