May 3rd, 2024

Create feedback from modal, Slack AI titles, and more

Create feedback in modal

You can now create new feedback in the same modal where you create work items and initiatives. Simply select the type in the upper left corner of the modal. We will also use it by default when you create new feedback, so you can now stop receiving notifications for new feedback with no title 😅

Screenshot creating feedback in the new modal

Slack AI titles

When you are creating a new work item from Slack, we will automatically generate the title for you, using the same technology as we do inside Kitemaker. Easier than ever to push from Slack!

Screenshot of creating a new work item from Slack

Improved guide

We have started the work to make our guide more useful and easier to find. We have primarily done some structural changes and moved everything over to a better platform that provides better experience and better search. You can check it out on here and please tell us about your experience and if you have any suggestions for improvements 🙂

Screenshot the new guide

Beta features

AI in product development

We are currently working on various AI features for Kitemaker. Some are small and some are larger things. If you have specific things you would like to see in Kitemaker regarding AI, LLM, or machine learning, ping us, and we'll take a peek. And if you are lucky, maybe we are already working on it 😊

✨ Parts of this changelog were written using one of our features in testing ✨

New filters

We have done a massive upgrade to our filters, making them much more versatile. If you want to try them out, ping us and we’ll enable them for you organization.

Screenshot the new filters

Contacting us

We're always happy to hear any feedback you have. To reach us, you can:


  • Fixed a bug where not all todos would be rendered in the hierarchy on cycle and my work screens.
  • Fixed a bug that could cause strange effects with Figma blocks
  • Updates to the API to fit new data model and allow for creation of feedback and insights
  • Added auto sort on roadmap columns
  • Added board view on “All work items” tab on initiatives
  • Fixed a bug where initiatives would not properly show up in private spaces
  • Added tabs to filter initiatives based on status on spaces
  • Ton of smaller quality of life improvements on the “…” menus for roadmaps
  • Fixed a bug for rendering links to todos in the description when the todo text is really long
  • Fixed installing the Vanta integration when the installation starts in Vanta
  • Fix a number of bugs in cycles which could cause todos not to be shown properly in the “Activity summary”
  • Fixed so changes in cycle settings affects the next upcoming cycle. If you need to change the current, you can easily edit it.
  • Added display options on the “work items” tab in cycles
  • We now prompt you if you close the “create new” modal and are about to lose your work