May 29, 2020

Changelog 5

New things in Kitemaker

Lately, we have mainly been focusing on improving existing functionality in Kitemaker, opening Kitemaker up for everyone several hundreds of new users, and improving the underlying code to prepare for some exciting new features for the coming weeks. But, still a bunch of new things here.

Trello import

You can now import Trello boards to Kitemaker. Press Ctrl (Cmd on Macs)+‘K’ and write ‘import.’

As with Github, we will import all content, images, archived cards, comments, labels, etc. Note that when importing a Trello board Kitemaker will create a new space.

Figma preview are now embeds

By clicking on a Figma thumbnail, the large preview will now be an embedding in which you can pan, zoom, and open the file in Figma. The embed works for both private and public files.

List view redesign

We did a redesign on the list views of issues. At the same time, you can now do all issue actions in search and theme screen.

Watching issues

You can now get notified of updates on issues without being assigned. Simply press ‘W’ to toggle watching an issue. You will automatically watch issues you create.

Issue mentions

We have had issue mentions for some time, but we’ve added a new feature so that when you mention an issue, the mentioned issue will get receive and activity with the message. Also, assignees and watchers of the mentioned issue will get notified.


We went through a few iterations on the onboarding. New organizations now get a “Welcome to Kitemaker” board that contains information on how to use Kitemaker.


Feedback, bug reports, and suggestions for improvements are always welcome. We read and respond to all of them. Ping us at, and we’ll look into it ASAP.

Other changes

We don’t remember everything we did (because it was a lot), but here is a list of some of the other changes we have done:

  • Cards now display the number of todos completed on the board and in list views.
  • We fixed a bug where h/l wouldn’t work on placeholder cards.
  • If there is no search result, we will say that now, instead of not giving you a list…
  • Emails from Kitemaker should now look better
  • We fixed a very edge case bug where filters would cause a 404
  • We fixed various bugs with drag and drop images into descriptions
  • We now have updated the branding 💄
  • We fixed a bunch of small bugs related to Github.
  • We fixed issues created on a theme appearing at random places in the backlog.