September 23, 2020

Changelog 8

New designs

We have now redesigned many of the elements in Kitemaker. We did this to allow more flexibility with the backgrounds. Currently, you can select between the daily background images(changes every day) or a blank background:

A new and clean look for the board

A new and clean look for the board

To start or stop using the background image, you can press Ctrl (Cmd on Mac)+K and find “stop/start using daily background.” Alternatively, you can press the cogwheel on the top right and toggle the “Daily background image” setting.

New onboarding

We have spent a lot of time improving the onboarding experience. The two most significant changes are:

  1. We encourage imports, integrations, and inviting team members when setting up an organization
  2. We no longer create a massive “Welcome to Kitemaker” board in new organizations

New and improved onboarding

New and improved onboarding

A less busy and overwhelming first meeting with Kitemaker

A less busy and overwhelming first meeting with Kitemaker

Contacting us

If you have any feedback, you can:

  • Send us an e-mail on,
  • Contact us through the built-in chat by clicking the icon in the bottom right corner, or
  • Join our community Slack organization.

You can also follow Kitemaker on Twitter or LinkedIn.


We launch new things almost every day, so we sometimes miss to note them, but here are some of the other things we’ve launched lately:

  • We now support Single Sign-On for almost any provider
  • We made it more evident when you are editing the description on Issues and Themes
  • Fixed Github logos in dark mode
  • We fixed a problem where resending invitations was not very intuitive
  • Fixed a problem where the ordering of issues would be wrong when archiving an entire column and then undoing
  • Changed the text in the “verify your e-mail address”-e-mail
  • Fixed a problem where the description text in themes would overflow
  • Improved the cursor handling when dragging and dropping images
  • Changed behavior of un-submitted comments, so now you won’t lose your comments when you leave the comment field.
  • The login screen now automatically give keyboard focus to the e-mail field
  • Fixed a problem where users would loop through parts of tutorials several times
  • Fixed a bug where sometimes archived Trello cards wouldn’t be imported to Kitemaker
  • Fixed a bug where you would sometimes end up creating an issue twice
  • Fixed a bug where moving from issue to the issue board in list view would put you at the bottom