November 17, 2020

Changelog 9

Improvements in performance & handling of bad internet connectivity

The most active teams have been experiencing some performance issues. That is quite bad, so we’ve been working very hard the last month to fix that. It has been a lot of work, but hopefully, Kitemaker works a bit better for everyone now.

As a bonus, Kitemaker will now work much better on bad connectivity since it will store all changes and report them to the server when you get back online.

Issues -> work items, assignees -> members

What you call things affects how you think about them and how you use them. For many it affects their work very little, but for some naming can be a pain in the neck. To make a long story short, issues are now called work items, and assignees are now work item members.

Windows desktop client

We now made a windows client to improve the experience on everyone using that OS. Windows is our second most used OS after MacOS, with Linux in third place.

The client is still in beta, but you can download the client here, or press cmd+k and search for “Windows Desktop Client” inside Kitemaker. Ping us if you experience any issues with the client!

Discord integration

We now have Discord integration for all the teams using Discord. It has the same functionality as Slack to tag work items (also creating backlinks), make new ones, and search for items in Kitemaker.

Contacting us

If you have any feedback, you can:

  • Send us an e-mail on,
  • Contact us through the built-in chat by clicking the icon in the bottom right corner, or
  • Join our community Slack organization.

You can also follow Kitemaker on Twitter or LinkedIn.


You might have noticed some of our smaller changes as well, so here are some of the other things we’ve launched lately:

  • We now have a “Wide board columns” setting, so columns will stretch when you have a widescreen
  • Slack messages now have a link to open work items in the desktop app
  • We changed the logic a bit on when to show the keyboard navigation hint on the work items board
  • Fixed a bug where users had to re-authenticate every time they embedded a design
  • Experimentation with a referral program. If you are interested in getting some $ when you promote Kitemaker give us a ping (the program is currently paused, but we’ll be happy to open it again)
  • Fixed a bug where the app wouldn’t load if the background image failed to load
  • Fixed a bug where we wouldn’t re-import issues you had deleted in Kitemaker (note this only affects you if you import from the same place multiple times)
  • We now hide the intercom chat bubble when you are writing comments
  • We fixed several small bugs introduced by the design changes we did earlier
  • You will no longer get a “thanks for registering” e-mail when you change the e-mail address